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Why building your own Video OTT platform in 2021

It's never too late to build or re-launch your DTC brand. There're tons of way of doing that, but the most effective one in 2021, without any doubt, is to create your own video OTT streaming platform.

Why a content platform?

Today everything is about Content (yes, in capital letter!). No Content No Brand! If you are a content owners and you're building your brand with exclusive, unique and relevant content to educate or entertain your followers, It's the moment to bring your brand to the next level. It's now time to launch your video streaming solution that will enhance your brand image and will allow you to collect users data, generate new traffic and monetise your way. That's what OTT is about.

Why now?

The pandemic is accelerating the usage of the video platforms. Now days, most of the households own at least an account between Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Movistar+, Sky, BT, or any other video streaming service in your country. It's now your turn. Obviously you'll need to find your niche, which It really comes down to the type of content you own, but with a massive increase in internet penetration and a huge shift from the traditional TV to the Streaming services, you have a chance to make an impact.

Brand matters

In 2021 the way you'll position your brand It will have a huge impact on the success or failure of any of your digital project. Having your own branded channel or App will help to boost your awareness among your fans.

Distributing contents is not an easy task. Deciding where and how to post it, It is even less, specifically because each platform has his own algorithm. It's not just about posting videos on YT or FB or IG or any other social media channels the only strategy for reaching new users, but it's rather mixing the cards:

  1. create your brand streaming platform

  2. define what type of exclusive content to feed it

  3. setup a specific content plan to empower the users viewing hours

  4. use social media to get noted and to guide the user to your own platform

Simple is more

Starting with your content plan should be your initial obsession. Having that done, we will enable you to focus on marketing and product.

Creating your own video streaming is not a rocket science, but doing it right requires a lot of work in 4 main areas:

  1. content

  2. marketing (go-to-market strategy)

  3. product and technology

  4. customer support

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