The real meaning of OTT

I still notice that there's a lot of confusion around the OTT buzzword and I'd like to clarify the meaning with this post. OTT is not just a definition, but It's a way of creating and enhancing a brand based on a variety of contents. In fact, the real meaning of Over-The-Top is a streaming video centric platform that enable users to watch content anytime and anywhere with a high-speed internet connection rather than a traditional TV cable operator.

OTT is not just a way of defining a Smart TV App. Please avoid this common mistake! OTT can simply be a website version of your Netflix-style platform and not an App, even if in our mind we use to associate the streaming service with an App on our TV or Smartphone device.

OTT transformed the way of how we all consume contents
The real meaning of OTT

In other words, OTT is the biggest entertainment R-Evolution. I've been launching and operating Video OTT platforms since 2006 and I've never seen a growth like this year. Certainly Covid-19 has helped the proliferation of a massive number of new OTT operators, but It has just accelerated their growth. In fact, the streaming platforms were already multiplying even before the start of the pandemic.

Actually, since 2015, the number of brands that launched their video solutions has triple year by year.

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